Members’ News

Members’ News

A page devoted to the exploits and adventures of PTA members who have either taken part in non-PTA events, or have their own news stories and views about anything and everything ‘gundog’. This page is here by request so it’s up to all of you to let us know your stories.

Please mail items and photos to Karen Parkinson, or let us know next time you see a Committee member or myself.

23rd February 2019 – Hectorkirk Annual Charity Gundog Working Test – Bolton Abbey Estate

PTA members Chris Pilkington (Captain), Vince Price, and Bill Dewhurst finished ahead of over 20 other teams to secure victory and The Hectorkirk Moorland Challenge Cup. The competition was held in glorious sunshine on the Bolton Abbey Estate north of Skipton, and all proceeds went to the Burnsal Primary School. Congratulations to the ‘Three Wise Men’.

“Had an amazing day with 2 good friends we’ve had good training this week together, which paid off today. The ground at Bolton Abbey was the best I’ve run on. We competed against some big names and left with a win. I know this will be a day for my scrapbook and I’m sure it will be for Bill and Vinny. Too many names to thank over the last 3 years and a journey I have enjoyed so much. P.S. I would like to thank Danny Astley for breeding my Labrador.”

Chris Pilkington. Wise Men Team Captain

17th October 2018 – training exercise

PTA member Chris Pilkington out training with his dog ‘Beau’.

Posted by Christopher Joseph Pilkington on Wednesday, 17 October 2018

31st August 2018 – Chatsworth Country Fair Special Open Working Test – Chatsworth House

Congratulations to Roz McIlroy with Autumnwillow Scout (Bolty) for a well deserved second place in a field of forty five dogs.

26th August 2018 – Pilling Moss Gundog Club – Ellel Grange

PTA and regular training group member Julie Hunter was victorious with her puppy Smithies Annie.








19th August 2018 – CNWSRSS – Blackenhall Farm

PTA members Scott Marland with Greenbriar Tame and Roz McIlroy with Autumnwillow Scout finished first and runner up respectively in the Open competition, with Cathy Allsop finishing in third with Glasybont Springing Teal.

8th July 2018 – Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever Club – Eggleston Fell
“Pennine on Tour at Eggleston Fell with the N&D at their Open Working Test
Brilliant day out on superb ground at a fantastic club. Pennine members scooped up a few awards I’m pleased to say, in the hardest, most challenging tests I’ve ever done. Thanks to all the judges, helpers and Committee members.
Amy Collier got a 3rd with Ozzy and COMs went to Michael Nelson with Rogan and Karen Parkinson with Danny.”
Karen Parkinson. PTA General Secretary.

24th June 2018 – Clwyd Retriever Club – Halkyn

“Lovely hot day out at Clwyd Gundog Club in Halkyn. Very well run event, thanks to the organisers, judges and helpers. Danny and I ended up with a COM in Novice.”

Karen Parkinson. PTA General Secretary.

Linda Scott was also awarded second place in the 12-15 month puppy test.


23rd June 2018 – Pilling Moss GC Working Tests – Bleasdale









“Award winners at Pilling Moss today included regular PTA attendees Linda Scott (2nd in novice), Barry Prescott (1st in Open) and Kim Dutton (1st in Puppy). Very well done to all the other award winners too. Thank you also to Pilling Moss, Judges, organisers and helpers for putting on such a good day with well thought out tests.”

Mark Palmer. PTA Committee member.

Linda was also placed second in the puppy test.

17th June 2018 – URC Working Tests – Southport

PTA Committee member and Working Test Secretary Linda Scott was once again victorious in a puppy test with her Labrador dog Brocklebank Carlson. The club’s Training Co-ordinator Gary Collier, with Thornyoaks Tanzanite, and Committee member Scott Marland with Greenbriar Tame, were placed first and second in the Open test, and member Amy Collier and her Labrador dog Brocklebank Vital received a Certificate of Merit.


17th June 2018 – Mid Wales Working Gundog Society Open Working Test – Welshpool

PTA member Chris Pilkington was again among the awards – gaining a 3rd place in the Open competition with his Labrador dog Shadeoak Major.




3rd June 2018 – Lancs & Mersey Field Trial Society Open Working Test – Southport

“PTA on tour. Lancs & Mersey Field Trial Society Open test at Meols Hall Churchtown. 28 dogs completed 4 static tests in the morning in hot sunny dry conditions with challenging tests on water, fences, ditches, tight windows and long delayed marks, 8 dogs only with no fails where taken through to a walk up in the afternoon.
Great to see PTA team members and training class regulars in the top awards again well done you guys!
1st Alan Pearson

2nd Gary Collier
3rd Amy Collier
4th Vince Price
COMs to:
Chris Pilkington
Judith White
Scott Marland
Simon Capstick
Well done Barry Prescott for setting good challenging technical tests that showed good correct training off perfectly.
Thanks Alan, Trefor, Wayne and Gareth for judging.”

Gary Collier. PTA Training Co-ordinator

2nd June 2018 – Lancs & Mersey Field Trial Society Puppy and Novice Working Tests – Southport

Vicky Waterfield and Avril Marland continued the excellent form of PTA members in all competitions.

Vicky was victorious in the Puppy test, and Avril achieved her second runners’ up Novice award in less than a month.

Big smiles all round. Well done girls.






2nd June 2018 – Burns & Becks Gundog Club Working Tests – Brackenburgh

“Committee members Linda Scott and Michael Nelson winning the Puppy and Novice tests today at the Burns and Becks Gundog club.
Great to see PTA Committee members winning with their dogs.”

Gary Collier. PTA Training Co-ordinator



27th May 2018 – Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever Club Working Tests – Slaley

“PTA on tour!!! Close run tests up in the sunny northeast of England at the Northumberland and Durham
Labrador Retriever Club with Michael Nelson missing out on first with his promising young dog Rogan by a point, Amy Collier finishing joint third with Ozzie, and myself winning the Open with Bramble by a point. 
Great ground with challenging retrieves – proof that if you train for difficult scenarios and technical retrieves you can compete with the best clubs. Well done you guys and thanks Karen, Paddy, Ian, and Thomas for judging.”

Gary Collier. PTA Training Co-ordinator

20th May 2018 – LRC of Wales Novice Working Test – Neuadd Cwmyoy (near Abergavenny)

Well done to PTA member Danny Astley.

With his Labrador dog Shadeoak Rusty (aka Dipper – not even 2 years old) Danny finished in first place after a run off in a field of thirty nine dogs.




13th May 2018 – Burns & Becks Gundog Cub Working Tests – Winster

Well done to all PTA members who received awards. Noteably:

PTA Committee member Mark Palmer for the award for Best Puppy under 12 months with Calonbridge Diplomat.

Second place in the Novice Test went to Avril Marland with Torrisdale Loch, and fourth place was awarded to PTA Committee member Mike Nelson with Turpin Green Curry.

In the Open category second place went to Amy Collier with Brocklebank Vital, and Scott Marland took third place with Greenbrier Tame.

5th and 6th May 2018 – North West Labs Working Tests – Drakeshead

Congratulations to PTA member Alan Pearson with Kenquince Rising Kite who was awarded first place in the prestigious Novice Test held at Drakeshead, and also to PTA Training Co-ordinator Gary Collier who finished third in the Open competition.

“North West labs Open Test at the stunning Drakeshead kennels what a challenging day technically difficult but achievable tests – cover, ditches, fences, double ponds, moorland ,baking hot sunshine. 1 point between the top 3 dogs.
Great test good company.”

Gary Collier. PTA Training Co-ordinator.

22nd April 2018 – URC Working Tests – Lazonby

“Massive well done to our Committee members Karen Parkinson and Michael Nelson for their awards in the URC Northern Novice test today, and another massive well done to our Committee member Gary Lakey for 1st and 3rd in the Open at the same venue.
Special mention goes to our club webmaster and training class member Phil Gilmore for winning the Puppy with Sally – his promising young yellow bitch.
Added to training class regular Scott Marland’s Open award proof if any were needed that we are on the right LINES with the club’s training policy and test standards. 
Well done you guys.”

Gary Collier – PTA Training Co-ordinator.

Additional PTA success at Lazonby came in the form of Christine Thompson’s second place in the Puppy, and Barry Prescott’s second in the Open.

2nd September 2016 – Individual Open Gundog Working Test – Chatsworth Country Fair

It was a clean sweep for the PTA. Roz McIlroy finished second, Gary Collier third, and Scott Marland fourth. However first place, and not for the first time this year, went to Junior Member Miss Amy Collier who gave a sublime and composed display of dog handling, followed by a magnanimous winner’s speech served up to an eager and appreciative audience. Amy was presented with the winner’s trophy and Amy’s proud mum Louise was presented with a bottle of champagne. Pass the tissues. Brilliant.

10th July 2016 – Lancs & Mersey Field Trial Society Novice Working Test for AV Retrievers – Meols Hall

Congratulations are due to the winner of the competition – PTA member Mr Sydney Ralphs with his Lab.D Thornyoaks Nightshade who produced a memorable display with a total of 127 points.

I’m sure I can speak on behalf of all PTA members – well done Syd  – a very deserving winner.

8th May 2016 – Dove Valley Working Gundog Club Open Working Test for AV Retrievers – Yoxall Lodge

Keith and ‘Nev’. Photo courtesy Guy Radford.

In his own words PTA member Keith Aldred said that he’d had ‘a bit of an extraordinary day’ on Sunday.

Keith and ‘Nev’ (FCR.D Donascimento Santos) were awarded the Connie Cup for finishing in 1st place in a field of 35 dogs (consisting 32 Labs, 2 FCRs, 1 GR, and including a FT Champion and several FT winners).

There were six tests during the day including two retrieves from water, the second of which saw twelve dogs fail.

More details on the Dove Valley Results page. Their headline reads ‘First – Keith Aldred with his very stylish Flatcoat’. Well done Keith.

Left to right: Dorothy Walls-Duffin, Ann Blake, Keith Aldred, Carol Probert, Suzanne Bailye, host Richard Featherstone, Sally Morewood, and Kevin Turner. Photo courtesy Guy Radford.

1st May 2016 – Lancashire & Merseyside Field Trial Society walked up Open Working Test – Chipping

PTA member Peter Thompson awarded first place. More details required – please mail to: Secretary

17th April 2016 – Northumberland & Durham Puppy Test – Wemmergill Estate

Steve Burns and Eider achieved a third place in a close run competition where only a few points separated the first three places. The event had to be rescheduled at short notice due to waterlogging of the original venue at Scotchcoulthard. The Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever Club worked wonders to move the test to a new location and should be commended for their efforts.

17th April 2016 – Clwyd Spring Open Working Test – Gwysaney

Congratulations to the father and daughter team of Gary and Amy Collier for finishing first and second in the 40 dog Open test. PTA Chairman Trefor Richards watched events unfold and commented that the rest of the field had provided stiff competition which made a truly great display from one of our junior members all the more memorable.

Clwyd AC GC 170416a

Amy, Ozzie, Gary, and Bramble. Photo courtesy Aidrian Lakey.


10th April 2016 – URC Working Tests – Lazonby

A contingent of PTA members took part with Amy Collier and Ozzie winning the Novice, Gary Lakey and Mick Kay taking first and fourth places in the Puppy, with Emma Haslam and Gary Lakey both gaining a Certificate of Merit in the Open test.

URC 100316a

Happy Hunting at the URC (Northern) Working Test for PTA training members (left to right): Emma Haslam, Amy Collier, Gary Lakey, and Mick Kay. Photo courtesy Adrian Lakey


9th April 2016 – Vale of York Puppy Test

Vale of York 090416

Steve is far right. Photo courtesy Philip Smithies

A text message told of two of our valiant Committee members venturing over the Pennines – both acquitted themselves well. Steve Burns came fourth and Jim Murphy was awarded a Certificate of Merit.





3rd April 2016 – Northumberland & Durham Puppy Test

NDLAB 030416

Steve and ‘Eider in action. Photo courtesy Gary Barrett

A grueling round trip to Hexham proved worthwhile for Steve Burns and ‘Eider’ (Eiderbay Fastnet) who were awarded third place.