You can browse our club Events Calendar to view details of activities scheduled for the year and beyond (please scroll down for instructions on how to use). They are categorised as follows:

  • Field Trials
  • Matches – against other clubs
  • Other – memorable dates, for example the Club’s Annual General Meeting
  • Training days and evenings
  • Working Tests
    All PTA members must also be members of the NGRA. Non-members may run in PTA Working Tests but are not entitled to receive trophies. Our preferred method of entry is via the FTMS (website Paper entry forms are available from the club website – or from our Pennine Training Area facebook group page in files. Directions for tests will be posted a few days prior to the event on our group page, and also will be on the FTMS. Should you require written directions please email Karen Parkinson on or contact via messenger or text to 07913635582

Postal entry forms to:

Ms Karen Parkinson
38 Peel Mount
Blackburn, BB1 2DU

Cheques payable to “Pennine Training Area”. Members £10.00, non members £15.00.

Definition of classes:

Puppy: Any Dog under 18 months of age on the day of the test

Novice Dog/Novice Handler: Handlers and dogs of any age not having gained any working test (1st to 3rd) or any FT award.

Novice Dog: Dog never having won a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place award in an Open working test or 1st place in any other working test. Puppy tests excepted. Or any award in a Field Trial or COM.

Open:  Open to all breeds of retriever

Veteran: Any dog 8 years or over on the date of the test

Tests are run under Kennel Club Gundog Rules and Regulations. No competing dogs to be run over the course except at the request of the judges. Bitches in season MUST NOT  be brought to venues please.

Please look at our Pennine facebook group page before setting off for any of our events, as sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, arrangements can change at the last minute or events can be cancelled.

PDF versions of the current PTA Working Test Schedule and full Events Programme are distributed to members annually with the yearly Membership Pack. Anyone requiring a copy or any additional information should contact the General Secretary.

Please remember that in order to view PDFs you’ll need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

Click on the link below to download and install.


Please refresh your browser when viewing PDF versions of the PTA Events programme or Working Test schedule. This will ensure that ‘what you see is what you get’ – current upto the minute information showing any recent changes to dates or venues.

The Events Calendar is searchable. If for example you wish to view a list of all training events – type ‘train’, ‘training’, or ‘tr’ (for example) into the ‘Search’ section and click on the ‘Find Events’ button. This will find all training days and training evenings. If you click on the ‘Events In’ section (in the top left corner) a calendar drop down menu will give you the option of searching a particular date or month – again then click on ‘Find Events’. You can even search on both category and month (for example to find Working Tests in a particular month) – and again click on ‘Find Event’.

You can also change the way you view the Events Calendar – you have a choice of – by month, listed, or by day (this option can be changed using the icon in the top right corner).

Whilst every effort is made to keep the Events Calendar accurate and totally up to date, would all members please note any discrepancies, and advise any found to:

Karen Parkinson – Club Secretary and Working Test Secretary