Results 2015

Results 2015

Working Test, Match, and other results for 2015 are listed here. Score cards are also available as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Please click on any of the ‘Scores’ links below to open the chosen file in a new window.

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The results and rosettes awarded are colour co-ordinated as follows:

1st place: RED
2nd place: BLUE
3rd place: YELLOW
4th place: GREEN
Certificates of Merit can also be awarded

2015 Working Test Results and Match scores – Reverse chronological order

Match PTA v 12 teams competing in The Inter Counties Team Invitation Gundog Working Test – September 5th and 6th 2015 – Chatsworth

Sunday 6th of September 2015. The Inter Counties Team Invitation Gundog Working Test took place within the splendid surroundings of Chatsworth House with thirteen teams competing for The Chatsworth Country Fair Challenge Trophy. The PTA team of Roz McIlroy, Peter Thompson, and Captain Gary Collier were successful in their quest to improve on last year’s second place with a narrow victory over the 2014 winners – the Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever Club. The PTA team were four points in arrears coming in to the final section of the match with the six highest scoring teams having to complete a further three retrieves. Roz and Peter made light work of the first two retrieves over a river, through bracken, over a fence and up a hill, with Gary and his dog Bramble then thrilling spectators with an accomplished ‘blind’ retrieve along the river bank. The winning margin was just four points, and third to fifth places were only separated by two points.

PTA team pose with The Duchess

The Duchess of Devonshire, Gill Dixon from Oscar Dog Foods – the Event Sponsors, with the PTA team – Gary Collier (team Captain), Roz McIlroy, and Peter Thompson

The large and enthusiastic crowd were quick to applaud all the teams who put on an excellent exhibition of skilled gundog handling. As usual the event was extremely well organised and lead by Philip Smithies, Joan Hayes, and Bronwyn Roberts with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. Judges were Mr S J Richardson and Mrs S Richardson, with Mary Roberts and Steve Burns providing an informed commentary. The trophy was presented to the PTA Captain by The Duchess of Devonshire in front of an appreciative audience, and proceeds amounting to over £300 from the Team Test were donated to the Chatsworth Settlement Trust.

By kind permission of The Duke & Duchess of Devonshire
Judges: Mr S J Richardson and Mrs S Richardson

1st place: 388 points. Pennine Training Area of the Northern Golden Retriever Association. To the winners The Chatsworth Country Fair Challenge Trophy
2nd place: 384 points. Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever Club
3rd place: 362 points. North West Labrador Retriever Club
4th place: 361 points. East Midland Gundog Club
5th place: 360 points. Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club
6th place: 346 points. United Retriever Club (North Midland Area)

Best individual score. 117 points: Nathan Laffy (North West Labrador Retriever Club)

Score sheets

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Open Working Test for A.V. Retrievers – Sunday 23rd August 2015 – Redwith, Nr Oswestry. (Walked-up Test in Fodder Beet)

By kind permission of Mr P Frank
Judges: Mr P J Smithies (B2367), Mr S J Burns (NP3538)
Chief Steward: Mrs J Smithies

1st place: Mr S L Marland Lab.B Greenbriar Tame. To the winner the Leerambler Shield
2nd place: Mrs V Stanley Lab.D Patanavac Brough
3rd place: Mrs C Hewison FCR.D Maddistream Indigo Jack At Casblaidd
4th place: Mrs C Hewison FCR.D Venus In Transit Over Casblaidd
Certificate of Merit: Mr M Pilling Lab.B Lubbeckes Holmes At Goosedown

WT 230815 win 1

WT 230815 win 3

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Match Dove Valley Working Gundog Club v PTA – August 16th 2015 – Mercaston

By kind permission of Mrs J Hall
Judges: Mrs S Moorewood, Mr E Porter
Chief Steward: Mr John Mee

Review from our roving reporter Trefor Richards:
“It was a lovely day, the Dove valley team were very welcoming and a friendly but competitive atmosphere prevailed. Our team ran really well with no weak links.

The ground was testing with deep cover in many areas, particularly for the open section but the landowner had cleared enough areas to enable the puppies and novice dogs to be thoroughly tested on a series of marks and blinds with some basic discipline elements built in. Here we must mention Amy in the puppies who excelled ending up top dog of the day.

In the Novices we were fortunate to welcome Anna Licciardi back to the team, and again we saw Keith Aldred with his flatcoat leading this group, a position he seems to have made his own over the past two seasons.

The final test for the open dogs was a particularly difficult drive in deep cover with 4 dogs in line being asked to cross retrieve for blinds after a score of dummies had been thrown a short distance in front of the line, here both Linda Scott and Scott Marland made it look easy.

To cap it all the first four tickets drawn in the raffle went to PTA members. A great day could only have been bettered if one of those tickets had been mine”.

Match Dove Valley v PTA 2015

PTA and Dove Valley teams. Photo courtesy DVWGC website


Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler, Novice, Veteran Working Tests for A.V. Retrievers – Sunday 14th June 2015 – Strines
By kind permission of Mr & Mrs D Hunt, and Mr S Burley
Judges: Mr D Jackson (A1881), Mr E D Matthews, Ms S Kitson, Mrs L Scott
Chief Steward: Steve Burns

Puppy Test
Judges: Ms S Kitson, Mrs L Scott

1st place: Amy Collier Lab.D Brocklebank Vital. To the winner The Puppy Shield
2nd place: Nessa Thompson Lab.B Spinnerbeck Goldfinch

Amy Collier with ‘Ozzie’. Photo courtesy Philip Smithies

Novice Dog / Novice Handler Test
Judges: Ms S Kitson, Mrs L Scott

1st place: Kurtis Greenwood Lab.B Beautiful Blondie Girl. To the winner The Hultonwood Trophy
2nd place: Amy Collier Lab.D Brocklebank Vital

Novice Test
Judges: Mr D Jackson, Mr E D Matthews, Ms S Kitson, Mrs L Scott

1st place: Emma Haslam Lab.D Stridecrave Milkyway. To the winner The Castleshaw Trophy
2nd place: Steve & Anne Crookes’ GR.B Mistybrook Maive Of Moscargrange. Handler Anne Crookes
3rd place: Kurtis Greenwood Lab.B Beautiful Blondie Girl
4th place: Dave Tabbinor Lab.B. Mary May Cracker
Certificate of Merit: Jim Murphy Lab.D Mastertouch Flash
Certificate of Merit: Gary Collier Lab.B Brocklebank Platinum

Veteran Test
Judges: Mr D Jackson,Mr E D Matthews, Ms S Kitson, Mrs L Scott

1st place: Steve and Anne Crookes GR.D Moscargrange Brisk. Handler: Anne Crookes. To the winner The Moscargrange Tankard
2nd place: Phil Wagland GR.B Moscargrange Barley Of Pebbletoft

Strines winners and judges. Photo courtesy Philip Smithies

No Score Card

Match PTA v Clwyd Retriever Club – May 24th 2015 – Christmas Tree Plantation

By kind permission of Mr P Haley
Judges: Mrs G Caldwell, Mr J Benyon
Chief Steward: Mr Philip Smithies
Winners: The Pennine Training Area. Scores: PTA: 805 points – CRC 792 points

Clwyd and PTA team members (PTA in team colour baseball caps)

PTA team members

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Novice AV Retreiver – Sunday 10 May 2015 – Christmas Tree Plantation

By kind permission of Mr Paul Haley
Judges: Mr A B Schofield, Mr T Richards, Mt T Merrill, Mr P Thompson
Chief Steward: Derek Miller

1st place: Mrs L Scott Lab.B Ticefield Golden Years – to the winner The Castleshaw Trophy
2nd place: Mr D Tabbinor Lab.B Mary May Cracker
3rd place: Mr R Kleeli Lab.D Treckers Bud
4th place: Mr M W Pilling Lab.B Lubbeckes Holmes at Goosedown
Certificate of Merit: Mr J Lupton Lab.D Greenbriar Raft
Certificate of Merit: Mr N Fazackerley Lab.B Taboo Blackthorn
Certificate of Merit: Anna Licciardi Lab.B Aniline Meg

Winners and judges. Photo courtesy Philip Smithies


Four Way Match – 26th April 2015 – Claughton on Brock

The Northern England Flatcoated Retriever Association hosted the day with teams from the Pennine Training Area, the Burns & Becks Gundog Club, and Pilling Moss Gundog Club.
Judges: Mr Steve Burns, Mr Garry Ellison, Mr Stewart Henderson, Mr Neil Parkinson
Pilling Moss Gundog Club were the winners, 2nd place: PTA, 3rd place: Burns & Becks, and 4th place: NEFRA.

PTA team with judge Mr Steve Burns (on the right). Photo courtesy Philip Smithies

To view photos taken at the Event by Caroline Dell of Workingline Images – please click here


Open AV Retreiver – Sunday 22 March 2015 – Eagland Hill
By kind permission of Mr & Mrs M Pilling
Judges: Mr P C Spencer, Mr F P McAdams, Mr J Benyon
Chief Steward: Steve Burns

1st place: Mrs V Stanley Lab.D Pantanavac Brough. To the winner the Pennine Open Test Trophy
2nd place: Mr G Collier Lab.B Thornyoaks Tanzanite
3rd place: Mrs R McIlroy Lab.D Autumnwillow Scout
4th place: Mr P Thompson Lab.D Thornyoaks Topaz
Certificate of Merit: Mrs V Stanley Lab.D Minstead Maigret
Certificate of Merit: Mr G Hodgson Lab.D Garagill Quantock
Certificate of Merit: Mrs R McIlroy Lab.D Sealpin Gunna

Vicky Stanley with Pantanavac Brough and Minstead Maigret. Photo courtesy Philip Smithies

Other awards
Mr J Tomlinson Lab.B Seeking Seika. The Birtenshaw Tankard (awarded to the best Novice dog and Handler neither having won any Field Trial Award or Certificate of Merit)
Peter Thompson’s Lab.D Thornyoaks Topaz was also awarded the Jeanara Cup (for the Best Dog In Water)

Judges and winners. Photo courtesy Philip Smithies