Results 2022

Results 2022

Working Test, Match, and other results for 2020 are listed here. Score cards are sometimes available as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Please click on any ‘Scores’ links below to open the chosen file in a new window.

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The results and rosettes awarded are colour coordinated as follows:

1st place: RED
2nd place: BLUE
3rd place: YELLOW
4th place: GREEN
Certificates of Merit can also be awarded.

PTA working test results will always be published as soon as possible.

2022 Working Test Results and Match scores – Reverse chronological order

Open Working Test for A.V. Retrievers – Saturday 7th May 2022 – Hoghton

By kind permission of: Lee Hamilton
Judges: Nicola Reynolds, Steve Burns, Simon Capstick, Gary Collier
Chief Steward: n/a

“Well, what a fabulous day we all had at our 4th test of the season at Hoghton Woodfold, near Blackburn. The weather was very kind to us with plenty of sunshine and everyone was in good spirits. It was an “Open” test done over 8 challenging tests in woodland and over the river and quite technical.
Thanks to all 33 competitors, our helpers who always turn out for us, brilliant committee members and wonderful judges: Nicola Reynolds, Steve Burns , Simon David Capstick and Gary Collier. Also a big thanks to Gamekeeper Lee Hamilton for allowing us to use the fab ground. Thanks also to our brilliant sponsors Wuffitmix who supplied bags of dog food to the award winners.
1st – Karen Parkinson with Torrisdale River
2nd – Nicky Waddington with Venvill Major
3rd – David Latham with FTCH Fendawood Harold
4th – Tony O’Hare with Burrendale Rambler
Ps…yes, I’m over the moon, shell shocked and the neighbours have been plying me with Whisky
Karen x”

Puppy, Novice, and Open Working Tests for A.V. Retrievers – Sunday 10th April 2022 – Lupton

By kind permission of: Gary and Jack Mullaney, and Chris Bibby
Judges: Tony O’Hare, Andy Latham, Gary Lakey, and Brenda Lawson
Chief Steward: n/a

“It was Pennines 3rd test of the season today at the Lupton Shoot, and we picked a lovely day for it as the weather was fab. It was a very successful day and the judges saw 62 in Puppy, Novice and Open. The tests were very well thought out and a very big thanks goes out to Committee members Gary Lakey, Peter Thompson and Dan Scott for going up to the ground yesterday and setting them all. Thank you so much to our judges Tony O’Hare, Andy Latham, Gary Lakey and Brenda Lawson who gave excellent feedback to our competitors. Thanks very much to our wonderful sponsors Wuffitmix who will be sending a bag of dog food to our test winners. Also thanks to Gary and Jack Mullaney and Chris Bibby for their kind permission to use the land. Last but not least, thanks goes out to all our helpers as we really couldn’t do it without you”.
Karen Parkinson.
1st – Paul Brown and Tewellers Freya of Fenway
2nd – Karen Parkinson and Torrisdale River
3rd – Gary Collier and Kayteridge Tusk
4th – Julie Hunter and Rexy’s Girl in Frosterly
1st – Henry Carter and Greenbriar Hot Gossip of Latushall
2nd – Gary Collier and Kayteridge Tusk
3rd – Bob Flewitt and Kanati Honey of Headnookmoss
4th – Mike Pilling and Torrisdale Puddle of Goosedown
COM to Scott Marland and Jaycote Gamebrook
1st – Victoria Stanley and Minstead Reacher
2nd – Barry Prescott and Beufort Bob

Open Working Test for A.V. Retrievers – Saturday 19th March 2022 – Eagland Hill

By kind permission of Mike and Val Pilling
Judges: Keith Broomfield, Lisa Marson and Michael Nelson
Chief Steward: n/a

“Fab weather for our OPEN Test yesterday at Eagland Hill, Pilling…although it was blowing a gale at times. Thanks very much to Landowners Mike & Val Pilling and also all our wonderful helpers…we couldn’t do this without you. Also thanks to fab judges. We did 3 tests in the morning then 3 in the afternoon ….all were very well thought out and certainly tested the dogs. Thanks also to my fellow committee members, especially Christine for doing the catering etc., and thanks to Marilyn Smith for adding up the scores on the doors. I hope everyone enjoyed the day. Well done everyone 😊 – Karen Parkinson
The award winners were:-
1st – Henry Carter and Gallanach Minke of Latushall
2nd – Avril Ann Marland and Torrisdale Loch
3rd – Chris Kettle and Ristbrow Bertie
4th – Kim Dutton and Shadyacres Teardrop.

Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler, and Novice Working Tests for A.V. Retrievers – Saturday 5th March 2022 – Aston

By kind permission of Mr A Talbot and Mr M McPherson
Judges: Mr M Nelson, Mr P Thompson, Mr S Marland and Mr M Kay
Chief Steward: n/a

1st Julie Hunter – Smities Annie
2nd Jackie McHugh – Teeshot Nesta
3rd Rachel Pugh-Lewis – Kensteen Soft Whispers of Flomoor
4th Gary Collier – Kayteridge Tusk
COM – Mark Palmer – Calonbride Diplomat
Novice Dog Novice Handler
1st Osiacastle Peacock Star – Lottie Randall
2nd Bob Flewitt – Kanati Honey of Headnookmoss
2nd Kate Mee – Wyaston Apple
3rd Zoe Woolcock – Hawksgarth Stormin Norman
4th Gill Carter – Latushall Pippin
(Yes I know there are two 2nd’s but we (meaning me πŸ™ˆ) made a genuine mistake so as a Committee we decided to leave it like that as folk had gone home, and it being a NDNH we aren’t being anal about it 😊)” Karen Parkinson
1st Henry Carter – Greenbriar Hot Gossip
2nd Barry Prescott – Beufort Bob
3rd Steve Townsend – Tideflow Teal
“Well what a successful day we had at our first Pennine test of the season at Aston Hall in Runcorn. Although it was a bit cold, the sun kept making an appearance and it stayed dry all day. The Committee were kept very busy all day as we had a total of 70 dogs entered in our tests, so a big shout out to all the helpers who had come out in force to make the day run smoothly. A big thanks also to our judges, Michael Nelson, Scott Marland, Peter Thompson and Mick Kay who all did a fab job. Also a big thanks to Christine Thompson (our trusty Treasurer) who did the lovely catering and loads of other jobs besides and also to Julie Hunter for signing everyone in. Grateful thanks also to our fabulous sponsors WUFFITMIX who once again supplied bags of dog food to the winners, thanks very much Hannah O’Hare and Tony O’Hare, its really appreciated” Karen Parkinson