Results 2017

Results 2017

Working Test, Match, and other results for 2017 are listed here.

For 2017 only the results are shown as part of a narrative taken from the Secretary’s Report for 2017.

The first working test of the year was a puppy and novice test held at Eagland Hill by kind permission of Mike and Val Pilling.

The test was judged by Gillian Yates, Karen Parkinson, Peter Thompson and James Murphy.

Puppy Results

1st Dave Abbott – Lab D Applebriar Flint

2nd Dave Alker – Lab D Zeus Hawk

Novice Results

1st Gary Lakey – Lab D Kenquince Launching Osprey

2nd Linda Scott – Lab D Ticefield Black Cap

3rd Paul Murphy – Lab B Lady Emma of Shamrock

4th Alan Pearson – Lab D Kenquince Rising Kite

COM Caroline Hewison – FCR D Venus in Transit Over Casblaidd

4 Team Working Test

On the 23 April 2017 the PTA hosted the 4 Team Working Test at Ribble Valley Gundogs, Grimsargh. This purpose designed training ground is owned by professional gundog trainer Geoff Saint. We are indebted to Geoff for allowing us to use all of the facilities on the ground. We would also like to congratulate Geoff for winning the 16th Hunt Point Retrieve Championship in November 2017 at the Elveden Estate, Thetford with his Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (Molly) Hourra Du Domain St.Hubert.

The 4 teams competing this year were Burns and Becks, NEFRA, PTA and URC Northern. Each team provided a judge and our host Geoff Saint set a series of well thought out tests appropriate for puppy, novice and open dogs.

1st PTA – 498 points

2nd Burns & Becks – 455 points

3rd URC Northern – 419 points

4th NEFRA – 319 points

The PTA team captain was Gary Collier and the six team members were:


Neil Appleton – Applebriar Storm

Dave Abbott – Applebriar Flint


Linda Scott – Ticefield Black Cap

Alan Pearson – Kenquince Rising Kite


Gary Collier – Thornyoaks Tanzanite

Scott Marland – Greenbriar Tame

On the 7 May we held our open working test at the prestigious game shoot Hoghton Tower by kind permission of Lee Redfearn.

The test was run on safari style and was judged by John Drury, Anna Licciardi, Gary McCarthy, Derek Miller and Kevin Jackson.

The 41 competitors were split into 5 groups and were tested on a variety of land and water retrieves as would be expected on this top class game shoot. The topography provided good viewing for the spectators and challenging retrieves for the competitors. At the end of the day eight dogs were in the awards.

1st   Victoria Stanley – Lab D Minstead Maigret

2nd Gary Collier – Lab B Thornyoaks Tanzanite

3rd Scott Marland – Lab B Greenbriar Tame

4th Tony O’Hare – Lab B Tyrrellison Star

COM Ian White – Lab D Minstead Axel

COM Neil Appleton – Lab D Inceley Danny of Applebriar

COM James Murphy – Lab D Eiderbay Malin

COM – Kevin Knowles Lab D Greenbriar Waltz

On the 21 May the PTA hosted the Inter Club Working Test against Clwyd Retriever Club at the Aston Hall shoot by kind permission of James Murphy.

In this event each club is represented by twelve competitors and each club provides a judge.

The judges were – PTA Mike Nelson and Clwyd Retriever Club Thelma Draisey

Following on from their success in 2016 the PTA won the event and is very proud of the team members.


Neil Appleton – Applebriar Storm

Dave Abbott – Applebriar Flint

Roz McIlroy – Applebriar Duke

Steve Burns – Lowforge Pebbles at Jollybrow


Alan Pearson – Kenquince Rising Kite

Mick Kay – Eiderbay Forth

Wayne Skett – Maple Brash Calie

Linda Scott – Ticefield Blackcap


James Murphy – Eiderbay Malin

Gary Lakey – Kenquince Launching Osprey

Amy Collier – Brocklebank Vital

Scott Marland – Greenbriar Tame

Our last test of the year was an open walked up test in root crops at Redwith, near Oswestry on 20 August by kind permission of Peter Frank and Ray Read.

The 25 dogs were judged by Barry Cooper and Derek Miller.

The judges made very good use of the ground, extending the marked and blind retrieves retrieves in a sea of vibrant green leaves. The judges told the competitors to mark everything as they could get a retrieve in front, behind the line or down the line and they did.

At the end of the test three competitors were in the awards.

1st Henry Vince Price – Galoway Rose April

2nd Roz McIlroy – Autumnwillow Scout

3rd Victoria Stanley – Minstead Maigret

The last outing in 2017 for the PTA team was at the prestigious Team Invitation Working Test at Chatsworth House by kind permission of The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

Thirteen teams representing clubs the length of the country compete in this must win event.

Each team comprises three dogs, many of these are field trial champions or winners and some have represented their country in international events. This is the best of the best and on a big stage at Chatsworth Country Fair.

In 2015 the PTA team won the event, in 2016 it was an extremely creditable runners up award. In 2017 the team were not there to come second; winning was the only thought in their mind.

With steely determination the team of Gary Collier – Thornyoaks Tanzanite, Roz McIlroy – Autumnwillow Scout and Scott Marland – Greenbriar Tame delivered every retrieve the judges asked over the two days.

At the end of the second day the PTA had once again done enough to win this prestigious event. Not content with winning, Gary Collier and Thornyoaks Tanzanite were the top dog winning a very substantial prize very kindly donated by one of the exhibitors.