Results 2016

Results 2016

Working Test, Match, and other results for 2016 are listed here. Score cards are also available as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Please click on any of the ‘Scores’ links below to open the chosen file in a new window.

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The results and rosettes awarded are colour co-ordinated as follows:

1st place: RED
2nd place: BLUE
3rd place: YELLOW
4th place: GREEN
Certificates of Merit can also be awarded.

PTA working test results will always be published as soon as possible.

2016 Working Test Results and Match scores – Reverse chronological order

Match PTA v 12 teams competing in The Inter Counties Team Invitation Gundog Working Test – September 3th and 4th 2016 – Chatsworth

Sunday 4th of September 2016. The Inter Counties Team Invitation Gundog Working Test took place within the splendid surroundings of Chatsworth House with thirteen teams once again competing for The Chatsworth Country Fair Challenge Trophy.

The PTA team of Roz McIlroy, Scott Marland, and Captain Gary Collier fell just short in their quest to match last year’s first place with an extremely creditable runner’s up award behind the 2015 third place finishers – the North West Labrador Retriever Club. Third place went to the Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever Club who’s momentum crumbled after scoring a fail whilst leading in to the runoff. The PTA team were in third place coming in to the final section of the match with the seven highest scoring teams having to complete a further three retrieves. Each team member performed one retrieve in the runoff – Roz and Scott made light work of the first two retrieves over a river, through bracken, over a fence and up a hill, with Gary and his dog Bramble then thrilling spectators with an accomplished ‘blind’ retrieve along the river bank (the exact same retrieves as in 2015). Gary was a very worthy winner of top individual dog ahead of his peers who included several England team members. Well done Gary.

The large gallery were quick to applaud and cheer all the teams who put on an excellent exhibition of skilled gundog handling despite the noise of the fair, the constant skirl of distant bagpipes, and the nearby drone of antique agricultural machinery. As usual the event was extremely well organised and lead by Philip Smithies with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. Judges were Mr G Hay and Mrs J Hay, with Mary Roberts and Steve Burns once again providing an informed (and often humorous) commentary. The trophy was presented to the NW Lab’s Captain Nathan Laffey by The Duchess of Devonshire in front of an appreciative audience.


Roz McIlroy with Bolt, Gary Collier (Captain) with Bramble, and Scott Marland with Ice.

By kind permission of The Duke & Duchess of Devonshire
Judges: Mr G Hay and Mrs J Hay

1st place: 389 points. Northwest Labrador Retriever Club. To the winners The Chatsworth Country Fair Challenge Trophy
2nd place: 378 points. Pennine Training Area Of The Northern Golden Retriever Association
3rd place: 369 points. Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever Club
4th place: 368 points. Clwyd Retriever Club

Best individual score. 116 points: Gary Collier captain PTA

Match PTA v Dove Valley Working Gundog Club – August 28th 2016 – Christmas Trees (Bolton)

By kind permission of Mr Paul Haley
Judges: Lisa Marson, Neil Appleton
Chief Steward: n/a

Winners: Pennine Training Area

Review information provided by PTA roving reporter Trefor Richards:

The annual competition with Dove Valley was held at home and the PTA overcame stiff competition to record a fine victory. Best puppy on the day was awarded to Linda Scott, two PTA team members finished amongst the awards in the Novice category, and our Open team took the top four places. Junior member Tom Kay showed great skill and composure in the Puppy category to gain a very creditable third place with Roz McIlroy in fourth, and second place went to Dove Valley’s Ian Glover. Scott Marland was first in Open scoring the same points as Amy Collier placed second, with Gary Collier in third, and Anna Licciardi in fourth. Only four points separated first and fourth places.

Gary Lakey was second in Novice and Aidrian Lakey third. Novice winner was Carol Probert from Dove Valley with team mate John Mee in fourth place.

1st place: Linda Scott (PTA)
2nd place: Ian Glover (DV)
3rd place: Tom Kay (PTA)
4th place: Roz McIlroy (PTA)

1st place: Carol Probert (DV)
2nd place: Gary Lakey (PTA)
3rd place: Asrian Lakey (PTA)
4th place: John Mee (DV)

1st place: Scott Marland (PTA)
2nd place: Amy Collier (PTA)
3rd place: Gary Collier (PTA)
4th place: Anna Licciardi (PTA)

Open Working Test for A.V. Retrievers – Sunday 21st August 2016 – Redwith, Nr Oswestry. (Walked-up Test in Fodder Beet)

Webmaster update: Apologies on behalf of the Club and the Committee. Result information for this event has not been made available for publication. Please contact a club official if you would like to discuss this matter further.

By kind permission of Mr P Frank
Judges: Mr P J Smithies (B2367), tba
Chief Steward: tba

1st place: tba. To the winner the Leerambler Shield
2nd place: tba
3rd place: tba
4th place: tba
Certificate of Merit:

Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler, Novice, Veteran Working Tests for A.V. Retrievers – Sunday 19th June 2016 – Strines

By kind permission of Mr & Mrs D Hunt, and Mr S Burley
Judges: Steve Crookes, David Bellamy, Jim Murphy, and Wayne Skett
Chief Steward: Anne Crookes

Puppy Test

1st place: Mr A Holt with Lab.D Eiderbay Fair Isle. To the winner The Puppy Shield
2nd place: Ms C Thomas with GR.B Roughbeat Melchoir
3rd place: Dr J Van Alstine with Lab.B Eiderbay Humber
4th place: Mr A Pearson with Lab.D Kenquince Rising Kite

Novice Dog / Novice Handler Test

1st place: . Mr A Pearson Lab.B Royal Miss Teak. To the winner The Hultonwood Trophy
2nd place: Mr A Holt with Lab.D Eiderbay Fair Isle
3rd place: Mr A Pearson with Lab.D Kenquince Rising Kite

Novice Test

1st place: Mrs R McIlroy with  Lab.B Mongo Pongo. To the winner The Castleshaw Trophy
2nd place: Mr J Benyon with Lab.B Hultonwood Hazel
3rd place: Mr R Roberts with Lab.B Minstead Bellamy of Tyddynbrooks
4th place: Mr A J Brook with Lab.D Levendale Elm
Certificate of Merit: Dr J  Van Alstine with Lab.B Eiderbay Humber
Certificate of Merit: Mrs J A Owen with Lab.B Muggleswick Cha Cha of Marianbach

Veteran Test

1st place: Mr A Baker with Lab.D Swaine Dentanum of Saffronlyn. To the winner The Moscargrange Tankard
2nd place: Mr K Jackson with Lab.D Magic Mercury of Wharton
3rd place: 
Mr J Benyon with Lab.B Hultonwood Fire Fox
4th place: Mr D Miller with Lab.B Treckers India
Certificate of Merit: Mrs A Minshall with Lab.D Burlington Bert of Belvedere
Certificate of Merit: 
Mr R Reed with Lab.D Saxophone Rooney

Match Clwyd Retriever Club v PTA – May 22nd 2016 – Halkyn

By kind permission of: n/a
Judges: n/a
Chief Steward: n/a
If you know the above please email the Secretary. Thank you

Winners: Pennine Training Area by 2 points

Adrian Lakey 3rd, Steve Burns 4th.

Ralph Kleeli 4th

Gary Collier 1st, Scott Marland 2nd, Amy Collier 3rd, Peter Thompson 4th.

Puppy, Novice Working Tests for AV Retrievers – Sunday 08 May 2016 – Christmas Tree Plantation, Bolton

By kind permission of Mr Paul Haley
Judges: Mrs L Scott, Mr S Marland, Mr K Jackson, Mr S Burns
Chief Steward: Mr G Collier

Puppy Test

1st place: Mr M Kay Lab.B Eiderbay Forth
2nd place: Mr G Lakey Kenquince Gliding Falcon at Kwaricot

Novice Test

1st place: Mr R Kleeli Lab.D Treckers Bud – to the winner The Castleshaw Trophy
2nd place: Mr P Murphy Lab.B Lady Emma of Shamrock
3rd place: Mr M Pilling Lab.B Lubbecke Holmes at Goosedown
4th place: Mr P Murphy Lab.D Magnificent Maximus
Certificate of Merit: Mrs J Owen Kentredcim Shooting Star of Marianbach
Certificate of Merit: Mr S Woodcock Lab.B Liddlesdale Primrose of Littlescot

Results to follow.

See Gallery page for more photos.


Novice winners and COMs (left to right): Mrs J Owen, Mr R Kleeli, Mr P Murphy, Mr M Pilling, Mr S Woodcock (click to enlarge in new window)


Gary Lakey and Mick Kay (click to enlarge in new window)












Inter Counties Gundog Team Event Open Working Test for Retrievers – Sunday 24th April 2016 – Linden Lakes, Woburn Abbey Estate, Bedfordshire

By kind permission of His Grace The Duke of Bedford
Judges: Mr J Gale (44), Mr P Askew (2195), Mr A Wright (2617), Mr R Ketley (2815), Mr M Fitch (3354)

1st place: South Eastern Gundog Society
2nd place: Kennet Valley Gundog Training Society
3rd place: Utility Gundog Society (Herts, Beds, & Bucks)

The PTA team of Roz McIlroy (Lab.D Autumn Willow Scout), Judith White (Lab.D Minstead Axel), and Peter Thompson (Lab.D Thornyoaks Topaz) were placed fifth in a field of 15 teams.

As competition winners the South Eastern Gundog Society also received the Kelly Memorial Shield, and the award for overall individual Top Dog was presented to Jacky Crew (GR.D Echobrook Dexter) of the Utility Gundog Society

Four Way Match – Sunday 24th April 2016 – Winster

By kind permission of Mr B Scowcroft
Judges: Mr T Richards (PTA), Mr C Hewison (NEFRA), Mr N Aubrey (Pilling Moss), Mr N Parkinson (B & B)

Burns & Becks Gundog Club hosted the day with teams from Pilling Moss Gundog Club, NEFRA, and the PTA also competing in this annual event.

1st place: Burns & Becks Gundog Club
2nd place: Pilling Moss Gundog Club
3rd place: PTA
4th place: NEFRA

A margin of only 12 points separated first to third places.


Gary Lakey. Lab.D Kenquince Launching Osprey
Mick Kay. Lab.B Eiderbay Forth

Anna Licciardi. Lab.B Aniline Meg
Mike Pilling. Lab.B Lubbecke Holmes at Goosedown

Scott Marland. Lab.B Greenbriar Tame
Gary Collier (team captain). Lab.B Thornyoaks Tanzanite


The PTA team (left to right): Mike Pilling, Scott Marland, Gary Collier (team captain), Mick Kay, Anna Licciardi, Gary Lakey

Top puppy and novice dog awards went to Mick Kay and Mike Pilling, and Mick Kay was also presented with a red rosette and certificate for overall individual Top Dog. More photos to follow.


Mike Pilling and Mick Kay with their awards


Open AV Retriever – Sunday 13th March 2016 – Eagland Hill

Eagland winner 130616

Winner Peter Thompson with Thornyoaks Topaz. Photo courtesy Adrian Lakey

By kind permission of Mr & Mrs M Pilling
Judges: Mrs J Dunckley (B2821), Mr P Dixon (NP), Mr G Collier (NP)
Chief Steward: Mr S Burns

1st place: Mr P Thompson Lab.D Thornyoaks Topaz. To the winner the Pennine Open Test Trophy
2nd place: Mrs J White Lab.D Minstead Axel
3rd place: Mrs R McIlroy Lab.D Autumnwillow Scout
4th place: Mrs V Stanley Lab.D Patanavac Brough
Certificate of Merit: Mr P Travis Lab.D Brackenbird Lucas
Certificate of Merit: Mrs V Stanley Lab.D Minstead Maigret
Certificate of Merit: Mr W Skett Lab.B Emmanygan Ultra

Other awards
Mr P Travis Lab.D Brackenbird Lucas: The Birtenshaw Tankard (awarded to the best Novice dog and Handler neither having won any Field Trial Award or Certificate of Merit)
Mrs J White: The Jeanara Cup (for the Best Dog In Water)