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Training Information

Training days (and evenings) are held regularly throughout the year at venues in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Cheshire. Please click on the Events Calendar to see what’s on and when (for help about how to use it – see the Events page). Training classes cater for everyone (from beginners to experienced handlers) and are separated into three – Puppy, Novice, and Open. Each of these are also designated Working Test and Field Trial categories and are described in more detail in the Information section.

Venues offer a variety of ground and cover – affording handlers the opportunity to train their gundogs in fields and root crops, in water, through woods and undergrowth, and over fences and walls. All you’ll need to take part is a dog, a dog whistle, a lead, and probably some waterproofs and waterproof boots. Indeed you don’t even have to have a dog – if you’re interested in gundog training, and eventually owning your own gundog – you’re welcome to contact us for advice, or just come along to watch a training session (please email the club Secretary for directions, or contact the club Training Co-ordinator for more details). Also please read the information page ‘About Training‘.

Walked up

Light refreshments are usually available for members at most events. Small contributions of sandwiches, cakes or biscuits brought to share on the day are always greatly appreciated. If you’d like to take part in the activities for the whole day, then bring a packed lunch (and a flask just in case). As the day is split you’ll only need to turn up for your particular class – although many members, once they’ve finished their ‘session’ (or before theirs is due to start) also assist the trainers – by throwing, placing, and collecting dummies, or firing a starting pistol (which replicates gunfire) when dummies are thrown.

Apart from the annual membership fee (see Membership page) there’s a voluntary donation of £3.00 on the day for each training class attended. This helps to fund provision and replacement of equipment such as dummies.

If you’re new to gundog training we would suggest you first come to observe, chat with members, and then consider your options – gundog training is quite dissimilar to pet obedience trainingAlso please read the information page ‘About Training‘.

If you’re going to attend we would prefer to know in advance. Please contact the Club Secretary or Training Co-ordinator. There are also a few basic rules to be observed during training classes:

  • No bitches in season are allowed at training classes or any other event.
  • Handlers under 11 years of age must obtain prior permission from a Committee member, and should be accompanied by a Parent, Guardian, or responsible adult.
  • All dogs must be kept on a lead, except when under a trainer’s instruction.
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