Results 2019

Results 2019

Working Test, Match, and other results for 2019 are listed here. Score cards are sometimes available as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Please click on any ‘Scores’ links below to open the chosen file in a new window.

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The results and rosettes awarded are colour co-ordinated as follows:

1st place: RED
2nd place: BLUE
3rd place: YELLOW
4th place: GREEN
Certificates of Merit can also be awarded.

PTA working test results will always be published as soon as possible.

2019 Working Test Results and Match scores – Reverse chronological order

Puppy, Novice, and Open Working Tests for A.V. Retrievers – Saturday 15th June 2019 – Lupton

Arranged by Mr G Lakey
Judges: Mr A Fryer, Mr P Thompson, Mr J Benyon, Mr P Goulden
Chief Steward: Mrs Karen Parkinson

Also a big thank you to our sponsors Buchan’s, Gundog Gear, and Wuffitmix for their support and for prizes donated.

“Pennine held their third test of the season at the Lupton Shoot today. Thanks very much to judges; Alan Fryer, John Benyon, Phil Goulden and Peter Thompson. Also thanks to all our wonderful dummy throwers and helpers, and to Christine Thompson whose help was invaluable today, and to Brenda Drury for selling raffle tickets. Massive thanks to our sponsors Wuffitmix, Gundog Gear and Buchan Kennels”.

Karen Parkinson. PTA General Secretary.


1st place: Adrian Blackledge with Jaycote Firefly at Turtonmoor
2nd place: Bill Dewhurst with Claybrow Red Rambler (also won under 12 month puppy award)
3rd place: Gary Lakey with Hawksgarth Garry
4th place: Bill Dewhurst with Claybrow Brisburn Billy

1st place: Chris Kettle with Ristbrow Bertie
2nd place: Phil Gilmore with Lowforge Sally Maclennane
3rd place: Les Earl with Millbuies Gail
4th place: Hilary Richards with Drakeshead Beaver of Tamewater
COM: Victoria Waterfield with Brocklebank Diamond

1st place: Tony O’Hare with Tyrrelison Star Dreamer
2nd place: Steve Townsend with Isle of Man Christon
3rd place: Scott Marland with Greenbriar Tame
4th place: Richard Cawthray with Viking Valentino
COM: Avril Marland with Torrisdale Loch
COM: Bill Dewhurst with Kelmagra Billy
COM: Steve Townsend with Ruby Wishes

Photos have been published on the Gallery page.

Four Way Match – Saturday 11th May 2019 – Lupton

By kind permission of Daniel Redfearn.
Judges: n/a

1st place: Pennine Training Area
2nd place: Burns & Becks Gundog Club
3rd place: Lancs and Mersey Field Trial Society
4th place: Pilling Moss Gundog Club

Well done team:
Gary Lakey
Peter Thompson
Karen Parkinson
Linda Scott
Scott Marland
Amy Collier

“Glorious weather, glorious ground and glorious result.

Massive thanks to all today’s dummy throwers – you are absolute stars. Without your help we couldn’t have days like this,one of the best working tests I’ve been to, fantastic camaraderie between teams judges and officials, a friendly atmosphere with good banter.
Well done Peter Thompson first puppy first team and top dog a future super star and together with Gary Lakey’s young dog Gunner, (second in puppy ) representing our pups in the final team test they showed the older dogs how it’s done!!!!

Proof if any needed our training classes are working well !!!!”

Gary Collier. PTA Training Coordinator

Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler, Novice, Veteran Working Tests for A.V. Retrievers – Saturday 13th April 2019 – Aston by Sutton

Arranged by Mr J Murphy with the kind permission of Mr Andrew Talbot and Mr Graham McPherson
Judges: Mr G Collier, Mrs L Marson, Mr G McCarthy, and Mr J Murphy
Chief Steward: Mrs Linda Scott

Puppy Test
1st place: Peter Thompson with Lab D Hawksgarth Kokomo Of Dieselbrook
2nd place: Gary Lakey with Lab D Hawksgarth Garry

Novice Dog / Novice Handler Test
1st place: Edith Kreutner (Austria) with GR B Auchencloch Fable
2nd place: Scott Hoyle with LAB B Demeter Honey

Novice Test
1st place: Julie Hunter with LAB B Rexy’s Girl In Frosterley
2nd place: Mike Pilling with LAB B Torrisdale Puddle At Goosedown
3rd place: Julie Hunter with LAB B Smithies Annie
4th place:Hilary Richards with LAB D Drakeshead Beaver Of Tamewater
Certificate of Merit: Danny Astley with LAB D Shadeoak Barley

Veteran Test
1st place: John Benyon with LAB B Hultonwood Geisha
2nd place: Joan Pavelyn with LAB B Lady Of Tranquility
3rd place: Paul Murphy with LAB D Magnificent Maximus

“Thanks to the landowner, the shooting syndicate and James Murphy for allowing us to use a venue that offers different and challenging opportunities to test our dogs in superb woodland and arable situations.

Thanks to our sponsors WUFFITMIX, Gundog Gear, and BUCHANS Kennels for their continued support.

Great to see so many committee members in the awards on “tests” set at the correct level to provide a necessary challenge for the competing dogs.”

Gary Collier. PTA Training Co-ordinator

Open Working Test for AV Retrievers – Sunday 31st March 2019 – Hoghton

By kind permission of Mr L Redfearn
Judges: Mr W Mitchell, Mr K Jackson, Mrs B Lawson, Mr P Thompson
Chief Steward: n/a

1st place: Miss Amy Collier with  LD Brocklebank Vital
2nd place: Mr Kevin Knowles with LD Greenbriar Waltz
3rd place: Mr Alan Pearson with LD Kenquince Rising Kite
Certificate of Merit: Mr Scott Marland with LB Greenbriar Tame
Certificate of Merit: Mr Robert Tomlinson with GRD Pioneer Teal of Yukon Gold

“Well done the Pennine Training Area!!!!!!
W/test secretary Linda Scott Committee members Gary Lakey, Peter Thompson and General Secretary Karen Parkinson.
You did the club proud in organising a fantastic open test today at Hoghton.
In the words of A panel judge Mr Wayne Mitchell a brilliantly organised day that was a pleasure to judge with great challenging but achievable tests . Committee members not running their dogs together with our team of helpers worked in delivering a thoroughly enjoyable friendly and efficient test.”
Gary Collier. PTA Training Co-ordinator